Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Red Setter Shooting Dog Championships & Red Setter Futurity

The National Red Setter Shooting Dog Championships, Red Setter Futurity, and supporting stakes have been rescheduled and will be offered April 8-11, 2021.  

 (Stakes run in order presented; trial chair may alter if circumstances dictate)

Pre-register for the trial at:


Note: any dog pre-registered will be placed in the draw on April 3 and trial fee charged unless notified prior to the draw.

Drawing Saturday April 3 , at 6 pm
Entries close on April 2 at 6 pm.


Phone entries to 414 625 0715

Stakes offered:

NRSFTC National Open Shooting Dog Championship
1 Hour
Qualification: An Open All Age, Open Shooting Dog or Open Derby placement in recognized American Field stake
$500 purse divided 70-30
Entry $125

NRSFTC Open Puppy
20 minutes or course
Plaques/ribbons to placements
Entry $35
(handlers may use horse or handle on foot. Handlers on horseback may not disadvantage bracemates on foot.)

NRSFTC 49th Futurity
30 minutes
Judged on Shooting Dog Standards
$1000 purse divided 60-40 between owners and breeders of 4 placements
Dogs must have been nominated and all forfeits paid prior to running
Entry $50

NRSFTC Open Walking Puppy
20 minutes or course
Plaques/ribbons to placements
Entry $35

Open Walking Derby
30 minutes
Plaques/ribbons to placements
Entry $ 45

Jack Carter Open Walking Shooting Dog
30 minutes
Plaques/ribbons to placements
Entry $ 50

NRSFTC National Amateur Shooting Dog Championship
1 Hour
Amateur All Age, Shooting Dog or Derby placement by Amateur handler in recognized American Field stake
Awards to winner and RU 
Entry $125


Open Championship: Frank Vicari & Bill Elliot
Amateur Championship: Frank Vicari & Stan Williamson
Others to be announced

Notice:  Order of running may be changed from the listing above at the discretion of the Trial Chair!

Trial begins 8:00 A.M. daily

NOTICE: Out of consideration for the health and safety of judges, participants, and spectators, all members, participants, and guests attending the NRSFTC Championship will be required to abide by any rules administered by the local county regarding the Covid19 pandemic.  All persons present shall social distance, wear masks, and avoid congregating in groups. For the latest information, contact:

Cass County Health Dept (trial grounds):

Menard County Health Dept (Petersburg):

Grounds and Associated fees collected prior to payout

Negative Coggins test for horses as well as health certificate on all horses entering state.

Solid barrel firearms only. 

Harassment of Judges or Officials absolutely will not be tolerated

Field Trial Clubs of Illinois, NRSFTC members and club officers are not held liable for accidents, injuries or loss of life, damage or loss of personal property, or illness or death due to Covid19, as a result of participation in these events.